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Changing a UIButton’s color using tintColor in Swift

Swift, UIButton, tintColor1 min read

The tintColor property is a property of the UIView class, which is a parent class of the UIButton class. This property allows you to change the color of the button’s tint, which is the color that is used to fill the button when it is in its normal state.

To change the color of a UIButton using tintColor, you simply need to set the tintColor property of your button to the color you want to use. You can set the tintColor property in code or in Interface Builder.

To set the tintColor in code, you can use the following code snippet:

1button.tintColor =

This code sets the tintColor of the button to red. You can use any color that you like by creating a UIColor object using one of the built-in color methods or by using a custom color created using RGB values.

In Interface Builder, you can set the tintColor by selecting the button and then opening the Attributes Inspector. In the Attributes Inspector, you can select a color from the Color Library or create a custom color using the RGB sliders.

In conclusion, changing the color of a UIButton using tintColor is a simple and straightforward process in Swift. By setting the tintColor property of the button or the window, you can quickly change the color of the button to match the design of your app.