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Checking Your Installed Flutter Version

Flutter, Mobile Development, Cross-platform1 min read

When working with Flutter, it's crucial to keep track of the version you have installed. This not only ensures that you are leveraging the latest features and improvements but also helps maintain compatibility with dependencies. In this article, we will delve into different methods to check the installed version of Flutter on your machine. We will walk through some simple command-line instructions, so let's get started.

Using Flutter Command

The most straightforward way to check your installed Flutter version involves using the command line. Open your preferred terminal application and type the following command:

1flutter --version

By entering this command, you will receive detailed information about the installed version of Flutter and Dart, alongside the channel you are currently on. This method provides a quick snapshot of the Flutter framework and the tools associated with it.

Verifying Flutter Channel

Flutter offers different release channels—stable, beta, and dev—each serving distinct purposes. To ascertain not only the installed version but also the specific channel you are currently using, run the following command:

1flutter channel

Executing this command will display the current channel, along with a list of available channels. It's important to be aware of the channel you are on, as it determines the nature of updates and the stability of features within your Flutter environment.

Additional Information

For a more comprehensive understanding of your Flutter setup, you can gather additional details by running the doctor command:

1flutter doctor

This command not only presents the installed Flutter version and channel but also checks for any necessary dependencies and provides guidance on resolving any potential issues.

Now that you are equipped with these simple commands, take a moment to verify your Flutter version and channel to guarantee a smooth development experience.