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Downgrading Flutter's Version

Flutter, Dart, Terminal1 min read

I actually have a Flutter app in production at the moment. It's called Focusi and it's released on both iOS and Android. Check it out if you want and send me some feedback!

Flutter's command line interface is pretty simple, you can upgrade your Flutter version using just flutter upgrade and it tells you that you can do this everytime a new version is released. However, somewhere along the way you might encounter a situation where you want to roll back to a previous release due to bugs or incompatibility issues.

Downgrading your Flutter version is pretty straight forward(it does take some time to finish though). First things first, you can check your current Flutter version using flutter --version. Additionally you can view a list of all available Flutter versions using flutter version. Once you decide what version you want to switch/downgrade to it's just a matter of using the version command and specifying the version tag: flutter version [tag]. For example, if you wanted to downgrade to v1.9.1+hotfix.6 you would use the command like this: flutter version v1.9.1+hotfix.6. After you execute this it will take a few minutes, downloading the new files and installing. Once this is done you can use flutter doctor to check for any potential issues.

As a side note - it's a little bit of a shame that there's no current best practice for pinning version numbers to a particular project. This was/is fairly easy to do with React Native out of the box. If you have two projects targetting different versions you need to run the downgrade/upgrade commands each time you switch projects. flutterw looks interesting but I haven't had a chance to use it yet.

Also, I recently wrote another post about creating a repeating timer in Flutter - if you're interested you can find that post here.

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