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OpenAI Introduces ChatGPT Shared Links: A New Dimension to AI Conversations

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OpenAI has recently unveiled a brand-new feature for its users, taking the AI conversation experience to new heights. Named "ChatGPT Shared Links", this feature has started rolling out to a very select group of users1.

A Fresh Twist to AI Conversations

ChatGPT Shared Links provides users with the ability to share their ongoing ChatGPT conversations with others. This isn't just about sharing text though. The shared links allow other users to continue the conversation exactly from where it was left off. It's like inviting someone into an ongoing dialogue and letting them carry it forward1.

At present, the feature is in its initial stages of rollout. It's available to a limited number of users as OpenAI works on scaling it up to a broader audience. Joshua Gross and his dedicated team have been applauded for their efforts in bringing this feature to life2.

Leveling Up the ChatGPT Experience

This new feature has been described as a significant enhancement to the ChatGPT experience. It brings a unique value proposition to the table - users can now let others handle the initial setup of a conversation and join in when the conversation is all set for them3.

Plugin Support and Future Developments

An interesting aspect of this feature is its support for plugins. Anticipation is particularly high for conversations using the Zapier plugin, which are on the roadmap for release in the near future4. What's more, the system has been designed to automatically switch the plugins to those used in the shared conversation, ensuring a seamless user experience5.

Work is also underway on a code interpreter. While the details are still under wraps, OpenAI has promised to share updates when this new development enters the beta testing phase6.

An Example Link

You can check out an example of the new feature using this link:

How to Submit a Plugin?

For users interested in creating and submitting their own plugins, OpenAI has shared a link to the plugin submission documentation on their platform7.

Wrapping Up

With the introduction of ChatGPT Shared Links, OpenAI continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in AI-assisted conversations. Stay tuned for more updates as this feature rolls out to more users and for other exciting developments in the pipeline.


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  1. ChatGPT Shared Links have started rolling out to a very small group. Share your favorite ChatGPT conversations with anyone, and pick up where they left off1†source.
  2. Only a few folks have access now, so hang tight while we scale! Hats off to Joshua Gross and the team for pulling this off2†source.
  3. It is a real level up of the ChatGPT experience, you can now let other people do the dirty work and just pick up when the conversation is setup for you3†source.
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