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Resolving Fastlane Issue 'prices' is not a relationship on the resource

Fastlane, iOS Development, App Deployment1 min read

If you've ever hit a snag while trying to upload your app's metadata to the App Store using Fastlane, you're not alone. One pesky error message that might have popped up is: "The provided entity includes an unknown relationship - 'prices' is not a relationship on the resource." It's enough to make you scratch your head, but don't worry too much – there's a simple fix: upgrading Fastlane to the latest version.

I recently encountered this issue myself and found that updating Fastlane did the trick. It was a project that I hadn't touched in a few months so maybe that's why.

Here's how you can do it in your own project:

  1. Check your Fastlane version: Start by seeing which version of Fastlane you're currently using. Just open your terminal and type:

    1bundle exec fastlane --version
  2. Upgrade Fastlane: If you're not on the latest version, it's time for an upgrade. Simply run this command:

    1bundle update fastlane

    This command will upgrade fastlane to the latest version(for your project).

  3. Confirm the update: Once the installation is complete, double-check that Fastlane has been updated by running bundle exec fastlane --version again. You should now see the latest version number.

  4. Test it out: With Fastlane updated, give your metadata upload another shot. You should find that the error message no longer pops up, and your upload goes through smoothly.

That's it! By keeping Fastlane up to date, you can avoid pesky errors like the "unknown relationship" one and keep your app deployment process running smoothly. So, next time you run into a hiccup like this, remember – sometimes, the solution is as simple as upgrading.