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Resolving ITMS-90683 Error for App Store Submissions

iOS, App Store, Info.plist, NSCameraUsageDescription1 min read

When submitting an iOS app to the App Store, developers may encounter the ITMS-90683 error. This error is related to a missing purpose string in the app's Info.plist file for NSCameraUsageDescription. This article will guide you through resolving this error to ensure a successful app submission.

Understanding the ITMS-90683 Error

The ITMS-90683 error indicates that your app's Info.plist file lacks a required purpose string for accessing the camera. Apple requires a clear and detailed explanation for why your app needs to use the camera to ensure user privacy and informed consent.

Adding NSCameraUsageDescription to Info.plist

To resolve this error, you need to add the NSCameraUsageDescription key to your Info.plist file with an appropriate description.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Open Your Info.plist File: Locate the Info.plist file in your Xcode project.

  2. Add NSCameraUsageDescription: Add the following key-value pair inside the <dict> tag:

    2<string>Your app requires camera access to...</string>

    Replace the placeholder text with a specific and user-friendly explanation of why your app requires camera access.

  3. Ensure Accurate Description: The description should accurately reflect the use of the camera in your app. For instance, if your app uses the camera for profile photo uploads, explain that.

  4. Test Your App: Run your app to ensure the description appears correctly when the app requests camera access.

Some Best Practices

  • Generic Enough Description: If your app uses the camera for multiple features (e.g., scanning QR codes and taking photos), make sure your description covers all use cases.
  • Localization: If your app supports multiple languages, localize the NSCameraUsageDescription string for each language.
  • Review Third-Party Libraries: Sometimes, third-party libraries may access the camera. Ensure they also comply with the App Store guidelines.