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Unable to upgrade Flutter

Flutter, Upgrade, Fix1 min read

I was trying to upgrade a project to the latest stable version(1.7.8+hotfix.4) of Flutter the other day(flutter upgrade) and it wasn't working out for me, this is the sort of output I was getting in the console:

1Unable to upgrade Flutter: no origin repository configured. Run 'git remote add origin...

I'm not entirely sure why this happened, I've actually never used anything but stable versions for projects so far. I tried running the upgrade command a few more times for good measure. I got the same output.

After a little bit of research I figured out a way to fix things. Running the following command seemed to do the trick:

1flutter channel stable

Again I'm not sure why this worked because I was already on the stable channel. If you're using a different channel than stable you might have to use that instead. It took a while for this to execute because there was quite a lot of things to download but after the process had finished I was able to upgrade my project as usual!