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Using System Thin Font in iOS with UIFont

iOS, UIFont, UI Design1 min read

In iOS development, choosing the right font is crucial for designing an appealing user interface. The UIKit framework provides a variety of font options, including the system thin font. This article explains how to use the system thin font in your iOS applications using UIFont.

Understanding UIFont

UIFont is a part of UIKit used to specify font styles in iOS applications. It allows developers to access and use different font weights, including the system thin font.

Getting the System Thin Font

Using System Font Thin Weight

From iOS 8.2 onwards, you can specify the font weight when getting a system font:

1let thinFont = UIFont.systemFont(ofSize: 17, weight: UIFont.Weight.thin)

This method returns the system font with a thin weight, ideal for delicate and subtle text styles.

List of Available Font Weights

Here are some of the font weights available in iOS:

  • UIFont.Weight.ultraLight
  • UIFont.Weight.thin
  • UIFont.Weight.light
  • UIFont.Weight.regular
  • UIFont.Weight.medium
  • UIFont.Weight.semibold
  • UIFont.Weight.bold
  • UIFont.Weight.heavy

Compatibility with Different iOS Versions

For applications supporting versions earlier than iOS 8.2, you need to conditionally check the iOS version to ensure compatibility:

1let systemFont: UIFont
2if #available(iOS 8.2, *) {
3 systemFont = UIFont.systemFont(ofSize: 17, weight: UIFont.Weight.thin)
4} else {
5 // Fallback on earlier versions
6 systemFont = UIFont.systemFontOfSize(17)

Best Practices

  • Check iOS Version: Always check for the iOS version to ensure compatibility across different devices.
  • Fallback for Older Versions: Provide a fallback option for older iOS versions that do not support specific font weights.

Wrapping Up

Using the system thin font in iOS applications adds a level of sophistication and modernity to the UI. With UIFont, you can easily integrate this font style into your iOS apps, enhancing the visual appeal of your text content.